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Screws and seals production and processing
Screws, nuts, screws portfolio
Automatic lathes
Rivets, floral axis, the optical axis
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Introduction tapping screws
China screws need to go searching survive industrial innovation
Teach you to identify the imported hardware accessories Goggles
Round understanding screwdriver (screwdriver head type classification)
Steel trading business means that many steels difficult to do business in 2010
Multinational companies to bring competitive pressure on domestic fastener
China in the WTO to win EU "screw war"
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Shenzhen Xin Hualong Hardware Products Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005, is a collection development, production, processing and sales of integrated enterprise specialized in producing hardware category.

     Company specializing in the production of sealing screws, GB, non-standard and the British public, such as US-made screws, nuts, automatic lathe parts, metal stampings, springs, rivets, etc.. Our products are widely used in the meter, electronics, appliances, furniture, cabinets, mobile phones, stereos, toys, lighting, etc., and designed according to customer needs non-standard products.

     In the company of "quality is the eternal life, credibility is the eternal guarantee" for the development of principles, use of advanced production equipment and quality testing instruments and sophisticated technical personnel, adhere to high quality, reasonable price, prompt delivery, courteous service to the principle . We always hold our customers good business reputation and praise, welcome sincere cooperation, hand in hand, create brilliant!

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[ Zhini seals ]
[ A cross seal ]
[ No hole seals ]
[ Copper seals ]
[ Seal seals ]
[ Stainless steel seals ]
[ Self-tapping screws ]
[ Self-tapping screws ]
[ Picture screws ]
[ Phillips Machine Screw Round ]
[ Slotted flat head screws ]
[ Slotted screw ]
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